Jenkins: Çok utanç verici bir durum…

Jenkins: It’s a very embarrassing situation

Elderly Rights and Mental Health Association, Chairperson of the Board Prof. Dr. Hatice Jenkins expressed her sadness after elderly residents of a care home in Nicosia caught the coronavirus, which killed two elderly people there last week. She invited care homes and government institutions to take the necessary protective measures to protect the elderly.

Prof. Dr. Hatice Jenkins said there are “a total of 8 nursing homes in our country, 6 of which are private and 2 state-owned,” adding “this figure is not too large for government agencies to audit.”
“We’re talking about eight facilities in total, not 800. For two years, we have brought the problems of the elderly care homes to the newspapers at every opportunity, held meetings with  state institutions and expressed how much this sector has been neglected, and that they have become illegal due to the lack of any law regulating them. We talked about the dangers of this situation.
“Unfortunately, while families in our country cannot find care homes that can accommodate their elderly, we cannot even protect the 8 existing care homes; we do not support them with information, equipment or credit opportunities. With their very limited resources, our care homes try to care for the elderly through not very suitable crowded environments in buildings that are family homes. Care homes are short of space. They need trained personnel and credit opportunities to build purpose-built facilities.

“We are going through a very serious and continuing pandemic. We need a government agency that is in constant communication with care homes, and that educates and regulates them. In 2011, the state’s care home in Lapta was dilapidated, and for 10 years the governments that sourced money for everything else could not find the money to build a care home.

“While Mr Prime Minister Saner was distributing a 100 million TL grant from Turkey to the private sector just a month ago, did he ever think about how he could develop the elderly care sector, which he did not transfer a single kuruş to? They say that there is no money in the budget, but when the money arrives, this sector does not even come to mind. It is very embarrassing.”

Source:Haber Kıbrıs.

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