Elderly And Mental Health Rights Project

This Project was Supported by EU-Civic Space Project

The objective of the action was to advocate the elderly rights and the rights of the mentally ill patients. Through the project activities, the Action aimed to help improve the life quality of elderly people and mentally ill individuals by creating awareness about the challenges these people face in their daily lives, and their unmet needs. The project conducted two field research and produced two reports, 1. “The Status Report of Senior Citizens’ Residences and the Elderly Nursing Homes in the North Part of Cyprus”, and 2.  “Survey Report on Families Preferences and Problems related to Elderly Care in north Cyprus”.  The Action used the findings of these reports to create awareness about the desperate situation of disadvantaged elderly and mentally ill people in North Cyprus.  The action provided evidence that even the most basic needs of these disadvantaged populations, including shelter and access to health care, are not met. The government’s social policies are lacking behind and care services for both elderly and mentally ill people have not improved for two decades even if the per capita income of the country increased from 5,000 US $ in 2000 to 15,000 US$ in 2015. Action has been successful to bring these issues to the public agenda. Association aims to continue its advocacy on elderly rights and help to improve this sector with the project that is currently applying for.