Elderly Rights

United Nations Principles for Older Persons

Independent Living

  1. Elderly individuals should have access to adequate food, water, shelter, clothing, and health services through family assistance, community support or income support, or their efforts.
  2. Senior Citizens should have the opportunity to work or have other income-generating opportunities.
  3. Senior Citizens should participate in decision-making processes regarding when and how long to withdraw from the workforce.
  4. Senior Citizens should have access to appropriate education and training programs.
  5. Elderly individuals should live in safe and adaptable environments according to their personal preferences and different capacities.



  1. Senior Citizens should remain a part of the society and actively participate in the preparation and implementation processes of policies that directly affect their welfare levels; they should share their knowledge and skills with young generations.
  2. Senior Citizens should pursue or create opportunities to serve the public and take part voluntarily in positions appropriate to their interests and abilities.
  3. Elderly individuals should be able to initiate elderly-oriented rights-seeking initiatives or establish an association.



  1. Senior Citizens should benefit from family and social care and protection within the cultural values ​​system of each society.
  2. Senior Citizens should have access to health services that help them maintain or achieve the best physical, mental, and emotional well-being or prevent or delay the disease’s onset.
  3. Senior Citizens should have access to social and legal services to improve their independence, social protection, and care.
  4. Elderly individuals should benefit from institutional care services that offer social and mental stimulation and social protection and rehabilitation in a humane and safe environment.
  5. Senior Citizens should enjoy all human rights and fundamental freedoms if they stay in any shelter, care, or treatment center; their dignity, beliefs, needs, and privacy should be fully respected, and they should have a say over their quality of life and care.



  1. Older individuals should be able to pursue opportunities in order to develop their full potential.
  2.  Older individuals should have access to the educational, cultural, spiritual, and entertainment-oriented resources of the society.



  1. Older individuals should live in dignity and security, away from physical or mental abuse.
  2. Senior Citizens should be valued regardless of their age, gender, race or ethnic origin, disability, or another status, and regardless of their economic contribution. 





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