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Who can become a member?

We invite individuals from all ages and professions who want to contribute to our mission and vision, have social awareness towards the community, to become members of our association. We believe that with your support we will become stronger and together we will create permanent solutions to the problems of the elderly and mentally ill individuals in our country.

To become a member, please complete the membership form and send to

Click here to download the membership form

How Can You Support Our Association?

  • You can provide financial support to our activities by making a donation
  • You can provide administrative support to the association
  • You can visit elderly care homes
  • You can contribute to activities related to mental health
  • You can take support us in activities/events
  • If you are an expert in the fields of elder rights and mental health, you can give seminars
  • You can contribute to our website with informative articles or blogs about your experiences

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