Alzheimer’s Dementia Parkinson’s Patients and Relatives Association supported the Elderly Rights Movement Project within the scope of the ‘Cypriot Civil Society at Work 7th Grant Program’ funded by the EU.
Chairman of the Association, Social Worker Hakan Berktaş, explained the practices and methods in Turkey regarding the care of the elderly, disabled and sick, the regulations of the state and private nursing homes and the disabled care centers and the differences between them, the Social Guidance Center they established as an association, its functionality and how it affects people’s lives.

Hakan Berktaş also explained the ‘Care Insurance Draft Law’ that they submitted to the Parliament and drew attention to the struggle to increase and maximize the service quality in the sector. Berktaş also stated that they started an initiative to establish the Professional Chamber of Social Service Organizations in order for all these efforts to yield better results, that they prepared a draft law on this issue and that they will go to the Turkish Grand National Assembly as soon as possible.

Manisa News Agency

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