The ‘Second Spring of Life Club’ under the Famagusta Municipality Social Support Services Unit, has started to deliver medicine for elderly at private care homes, within the scope of the protocol signed with the Association of Elderly Rights and Mental Health.
The club provides home health, personal care and dietitian services to its 2600 members, as well as transportation services in case of need, and also prepares personal care, health and nutrition programs under the control of a dietitian for private care homes.

Famagusta Municipality, which signed a protocol with the Association of Elderly Rights and Mental Health in order to support and strengthen the care homes, which have limited financial and human resources and are negatively affected by economic impoverishment and increased expenditures.

Head of Social Support Services Unit, Simge Okburan, pointed out that the elderly population is increasing in our country, as in the rest of the world, and stated that all countries develop social policies compatible with this demographic transformation.

She added that Famagusta Municipality acts according to the fact that local governments are the closest and primary service point to people, and emphasized the importance of activities aimed at reducing environmental stress and encouraging healthy and active aging in this stage of life, which is the longest part of human life.

They observed that this apparent erosion in the cost of living and purchasing power mostly affects the elderly population and the expenses of care homes, Okburan said adding, “For this reason, we started to support private care homes with our expert staff. In this context, I would like to express that we will increase our work and services.”

Association of Elderly Rights and Mental Health Chairperson Prof. Dr. Hatice Jenkins in her statement said: “We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Süleyman Uluçay, Mayor of Famagusta Municipality and to his team, Simge Okburan, Head of the Social Support Services Unit, and all the employees of the Municipality’s Second Spring Life Club for delivering medicine to our elderly people living in care homes, providing transportation for the needy elderly living at home to the hospital, and providing many similar important services to our elderly.
“It is admirable that you have achieved this in such a short time. Good luck to you, ” she added.


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