Seminar held on Quality Standards in Elderly Care

A seminar enititled ‘Quality Standards in Elderly Care’ was organised as part of the Elderly Rights Movement Project, funded by the European Union under the Cypriot Civil Society at Work VII Grant Scheme and implemented by the Association of Elderly Rights and Mental Health.
The seminar was presented by Dr. Vildan Kandemir, who is a doctor of science and business person in the field of nursing. Mrs Kandemir talked about the critical importance of nurses being in a leading position for the qualified care of the elderly. She also mentioned that in line with the quality care needs of the elderly, the quality of life of the caregivers should be increased in order to increase the quality standards, and she emphasized the importance of social rights adding that inititaives for care workers in some countries include increased annual leave and lower tax. expressing that the number of days off of fthe employees who care for the elderly in some countries has been increased and they pay less tax. Such incentives, she added, reduce burnout and increase the quality of care.

Dr. Kandemir stated that it is important for nursing homes and nursing homes to create their own institutional evaluations, management and monitoring for improvement, and that every institution in Turkey and in various other countries is trying to achieve quality standards with a scoring and certification system. She also mentioned the importance of the “Accessibility Certificate”, which certifies that the institution is designed for persons with disabilities. She also recommended the separate management of the instituation and care services.

Association for the Rights of the Elderly and Mental Health chiarperson Prof. Dr. Hatice Jenkins said that the quality standards of nursing homes are very important and need to be improved, and in this context, the association recieves complaints. Jenkins also thanked the speakers and participants and stated that the seminar was very useful and informative.

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