Practical Training for Private Care Home Employees Operating in the north of Cyprus Completed

The Elderly Rights Movement Project, funded by the European Union under the Cypriot Civil Society at Work VII Grant Scheme and implemented by the Association of Elderly Rights and Mental Health, organized Practical Elderly Care Trainings for caregivers working in all private care homes operating in the northern part of Cyprus. The trainings ran throughout June and 28 caregivers and 4 care home owners, from 4 private care homes participated in the trainings.

Emergency situations and interventions, basic life support, general interventions and wound care were the topics discussed by the instructors Assoc. Dr. Gülten Sucu Dağ, Lect. Serpil Çağlıyan Payas, Assistant Professor, Dr. Gulcan Dürüst Sakallı, and Exp. Nurse Aziz Aşık, who conducted practical demonstrations using manikins. Exp. Nurse Laden Serinsu gave practical information about care interventions and wound care for individuals with limited mobility and swallowing difficulties. Dr. Ayşe Aydındoğmuş provided training on communication with individuals living in care homes, physical, verbal and chemical detection, care follow-up forms and various activities for the elderly.

All the caregivers who attended the trainings had the opportunity to practice what they learned on the manikins. Project Coordinator Dr. Aydındoğmuş stated that the continuation of such trainings is very important and vital, and that training on care for the elderly, regardless of private or public, should become a legal obligation and should be repeated in certain months of the year. Dr. Aydındoğmuş also thanked all the instructors, caregivers and care home owners who participated in the training, the European Union, which financed the project, project creator Prof. Dr. Hatice Jenkins and Şirin Canan Damdelen Özkaynak for her support during the trainings.

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