No one cares about social services and social problems

Our country has failed in terms of elderly rights. Neither a proper nursing home to serve the elderly could be built, nor a law regarding nursing homes for the elderly could be enacted, nor was any budget allocated for this matter. President of the Association of Elderly Rights and Mental Health, Prof. Dr. Hatice Jenkins said that there is still no law regarding nursing homes and that simply making a law is not a solution; resources should also be created in the budget for nursing homes for the elderly. Jenkins stated that there are currently 6 elderly care homes operating in the country, 2 of which are state-owned and 4 of which are private sector, and a total of 230 elderly and disabled people are cared for in these nursing homes. “I hope the law will be accepted as soon as possible” Hatice Jenkins stated that there was a law made during the time of the previous Minister of Labor, and the new team reviewed this law and made some changes. Click for the details.

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