Thursday, 26 May 2022 The Association of Elderly Rights & Mental Health is extending the deadline of its
third ‘Silent Scream’ Letter Competition.

The annual competition aims to raise awareness of the problems and needs of elderly people, and patients
with mental health conditions; to increase their visibility in the community and to promote their rights.

Responding to demand, the Association decided to extend the deadline for the contest, from 30 May 2022,
to 30 June 2022. Sponsored by Albank Ltd. and Asbank Ltd., cash prizes of 3,000TL, 2,500TL and 2,000TL will
be awarded to the top three winners.

Participants are invited to write a letter about their experiences or close friend/family member relating
to mental illness and/or elderly life.

People with mental health issues or their relatives/carers will be able can share their life stories, the
difficulties they encounter in society, and the invisible obstacles.

Also, elderly people who have been a victim of abuse or neglect, or close friend/family members of elderly
who have witnessed elderly abuse/neglect, and people taking care of their elderly in the most difficult
conditions, can share their experiences in the form of a letter.

Privacy of entrants will be protected and entrants can use a pseudonym. No participant’s letter, including
the winning letters, will be shared with anyone without written and verbal consent from the entrant.

Entrants can send their letter along with their name, surname and contact number to
, or request a pickup of their handwritten letter by calling the following
telephone numbers: 05338649955, 05428883010, 05428533188

Full competition details are available here: Competition Details

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