15 June World Elderly Abuse Awareness Day Statement

Today, on World Elderly Abuse Awareness Day, as the Association of Elderly Rights and Mental Health, we would like to remind the public and authorities of the neglect of the elderly people at Sınırüstü.

It has been about five months since the terrible conditions of the Public Foundation Nursing Home in Sınırüstü, which has long been known to the authorities, were revealed in a viral video that caused great public reaction. What has been done since then?

We want to know:

  • Who is taking over the management of the Public Foundation Nursing Home People’s Foundation Sınırüstü Nursing Home?
  • When will the building be repaired?
  • Were the perpetrators of the abuse questioned by the police?
  • Will the state institutions, Evkaf, Iskele Municipality and Iskele District Office, which were aware of the negligence, be held accountable?
  • Has an internal investigation been conducted within these organizations regarding institutional negligence?

We will continue to follow and ask for accountability.
Throughout June, the Association of Elderly Rights and Mental Health will continue its awareness campaign
on elderly neglect and abuse.
For information about elderly neglect and abuse, click here.

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