A 9-article Elderly Rights Protocol for local governments, prepared by the Association of Elderly Rights and Mental Health

As the Association of Elderly Rights and Mental Health, we want the needs of our elderly people, who have been neglected in our society, to be prioritized, and we want local governments, in cooperation with the relevant ministries,  to produce permanent solutions to the problems of our elderly people, especially those living in nursing homes.

In this context, as the Association of Elderly Rights and Mental Health, we request assurances from all mayoral candidates who will participate in the local elections on 25 December 2022 that they will provide the following services to the elderly if elected as mayor:

  1. In cooperation with the state hospital management, procurement and delivery of medicines by the municipalities for elderly people living in nursing homes and with chronic diseases,
  2. Taking initiatives to give priority to people over the age of 65 in hospitals and clinics in order to facilitate the access of the elderly to health services without waiting for a long time in hospitals,
  3. Municipalities provide transportation from home to hospital and from hospital to home for elderly individuals in need,
  4. Organizing trips by buses to different parts of the island several times a year for the elderly,
  5. Attempts to apply discounts to people over the age of 65 in places such as public transportation, restaurants, theaters and cinemas,
  6. Establishing age-friendly towns and villages that do not pose a danger to our elders;
    • Construction of sidewalks, intersections and roads that do not have holes in the sidewalks and do not pose a danger to the elderly, lighting all roads and streets
    • Being accessible and in a way that does not pose a problem for wheelchairs in relation to homes, buildings, sidewalks, streets and squares.
  1. Opening day-care centers and social facilities to encourage active aging, creating opportunities for the elderly to meet and socialize with their peers,
  2. Presence of a representative from the Association of Elderly Rights and Mental Health, representing the elderly in matters to be discussed in the municipal council,
  3. Implementation of discounts on water, lighting, cleaning and health fees for elderly care homes.

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