The closing event of the Elderly Rights Movement project was held

The closing event took place to mark the completion of the Elderly Rights Movement Project, funded by the European Union (EU) under the Cypriot Civil Society in Action VII Grant Scheme and implemented by the Association of Elderly Rights and Mental Health.

According to a statement from the Association of Elderly Rights and Mental Health, Chairperson Prof. Dr. Hatice Jenkins said in her speech that they have raised awareness by advocating for elderly rights in the past two years, and the association, which was established with 15 members, now has 216 members. Jenkins emphasized the importance of work related to the rapidly growing elderly population in the country, as it is important not only nationally but also globally.

Project Coordinator Dr. Ayşe Aydındoğmuş gave a presentation on the project activities, highlighting the significance of creating a local legal text for nursing homes and care facilities and obtaining initial approval. Aydındoğmuş mentioned that within the scope of the project, a total of 6 seminars were conducted, and 265 individuals were trained in elderly care. They also conducted 2 working visits to nursing homes in Antalya and the “Republic of Cyprus.” As part of the training provided for elderly care and nursing home management, a total of 40 caregivers and 6 nursing home owners/managers were trained.

Following that, Florin Mihai Stoleru, the Program Manager of the European Commission, delivered a speech and stated that between 2006 and 2023, 688 million euros were allocated for projects aimed at the Turkish Cypriot community within the framework of the European Union Aid Program. Stoleru emphasized the importance and sensitivity of elderly individuals in the Turkish Cypriot community and believed that the project played a significant role in meeting the essential need to help the elderly and the project fully supported the European Union’s work in this objective.

Finally, Prof. Jenkins stressed the importance of promptly approving the draft local legislation and thanked everyone who contributed to the European Commission and the project, presenting appreciation certificates to Project Coordinator Aydındoğmuş and project volunteer Şirin Özkaynak.

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