Ecoage Festive Eco Food Fair

Thank you to our amazing 60+ eco mentors who put on a fantastic festive eco food fair!
As part of the Ecoage project, that aims to empower older adults as environmental ambassadors to the younger generation, some 40 participants of the Ecoage programme shared their homemade traditional food with hundreds of students at the University of Kyrenia on 5 December, 2023.
Homemade seasonal food is just one example of traditional Cypriot sustainable practices that older generations did out of necessity, that we now look to for a greener lifestyle.
As well as being a source of satisfaction when making and sharing, it also reduces the footprint left on the environment by industrially made products.
In sharing their knowledge to younger people around them, they are promoting eco-friendly practices while also protecting our cultural heritage!
We sincerely thank Assistant Prof Emete Toros and the University of Kyrenia 60+ Refreshment University for their amazing collaboration with the Association of Elderly Rights & Mental Health since the start of this project.
There is one more festive eco market this month organised by our participants in the Greek Cypriot community – we will keep you updated!
The Ecoage project benefits from a grant under the Active Citizens Fund Cyprus programme, funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, through the EEA and Norway Grants Cyprus 2014-2021. It is also implemented by the Youth Empowerment Foundation – IEEN in Cyprus and the University College for Green Development Norway.

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