The current state of the Sınırüstü Nursing Home.

Dear friends, the photos you see below are the current state of the Sınırüstü Nursing Home, which was revealed two years ago with Skylap’s videos and was closed down with a huge scandal.
Dear sponsors who promised to repair this place in 2 months, I promise you!! We are tired of listening to your lies….we have been waiting for you not for two months but for two years. If you couldn’t do it, why did you start doing this? Gentlemen, there was no one who wanted you to be a sponsor and forced you. We lost two whole years with your irresponsible behavior, fights and lies. Many of our elderly people waiting to return have died waiting… we do not expect anything from you anymore because the damage you have done has already exceeded the benefit you have done.
In this context, we invite the Turkish Embassy, the new management of EVKAF, the Prime Ministry and the Ministry of Labor to do what is necessary. Dear authorities, we remind you that it is your duty to protect and protect the resources of our country!!

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