No lessons were learned from the scandal in the nursing home on the border…

Our disappointments with those who govern this country are endless.   We say, “Let him do one job well,” but it doesn’t work. It is obvious that there is not enough organization in this country to shelter our elderly people and spend the rest of their lives comfortably.    This issue comes to the fore frequently, especially the Elderly Rights and Mental Health Association frequently brings it up and makes suggestions, but it is in vain, the situation is getting worse and worse.     We couldn’t even learn from the scandal that took place at the Borderless People’s Foundation Elderly Care Home in 2022.     Remember the bad conditions that our elderly people there were subjected to, which shocked the whole country.     How quickly did we forget the inhumane conditions and that catastrophic situation in the Sınırüstü Halk Vakıf Yaşlı Bakım Evi. Click for more.

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